I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how happy we are with the successful completion of our claim. As you know, we had a tenant accidentally start a fire in one of our properties and tried to solve the problem by bringing a water hose into the house and spraying everything in sight. After I arrived on the scene and saw how bad it was I called my “helpful” insurance agent who told me if the damage was not too bad to just “forget about it”, because my premiums would most likely go up. I was given your name by a friend and am very glad I called you! After I signed with you I was delighted to find out I did NOT have to deal with the insurance company a second more! You took care of everything, the phone calls, the paperwork, the repair estimates and ALL the minutia they try to inundate you with in my opinion to make you just give up. I had no idea how unprepared I was to deal with the clever tactics of an insurance company! The best surprise was the check, which contrary to what I was led to believe from my carrier was almost 10 times what I was expecting!!! I can honestly say from now on, with ANY covered loss I experience the first call will be you and NOT my carrier!