Did Your Sinkhole Repair Work?

Did you follow your insurance companies forced repair protocol? Did you GROUT? If so, the overwheling odds are it did absoluttley nothing to compact the soils let alone stabilize your foundation. Why? Simply because compaction GROUT tends NOT to do what the geotechnical engineer guessed that it would. In fact I have interviewed dozens of “insurance company experts” and they have all stated that they have essentially no idea where the grout will go! In nearly EVER single case I have witnessed a home being grouted it caused more damage, failed to stop cracks from appearing and never compacted the soil. The sad truth is your insurance policy promised to not only stabilize the land beneath BUT to also stabilize the foundation. If grout only comes to within 15 feet of your foundation how is possible to stabilize your foundation? The fact is it was never designed to stabilize your foundation which in my opinion is the single most important aspect of repairing a sinkhole home. The good news is you may be entitled to having your insurance company pay for those repairs. We at Smarto Public Adjusting Group will see that you most valuable asset is repaired properly.
If you think the repairs did not work then call us immediately! We will conduct a FREE inspection of your property to ascertain whether it is showing signs of distress. Often times we are able to point out damages that the property owner was told “it was normal” by the insurance company or by their engineer.
At Smarto Public Adjusting Group we are committed to pursuing the rights of residential and commercial property owners in sinkhole damage cases. We will work closely to sort out your issues and hold your insurance company accountable for the failed repairs, so you can get the peace of mind you deserve.

Your Rights After a Failed Sinkhole Repair

If the repairs on your property have failed to properly stabilize the soil and foundation, we can go back to the initial claim for additional repairs in many instances. In some instances we may need to file a new claim for sinkhole damages.

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