Denied Sinkhole Claims

Was your sinkhole claim denied because your insurance company’s geotechnical engineer said that there was NO sinkhole activity found?

We have represented far too many legitimate sinkhole claims wrongfully denied because the insurance company’s “experts” claim that there is no sinkhole activity when in fact there was! Insurance company’s retain their preferred geotechnical engineers to investigate whether there is sinkhole activity present at a given property. Many believe there is a conflict of interest as the firms hired by insurance company’s make millions of dollars every year from sinkhole investigations and if a particular company were to find too many sinkholes than they most likely will not be retained as frequently or at all going forward versus the ones that tend to lean towards the side of their employer the insurance company.
We have handled numerous sinkhole claims that were originally denied as a “No find” only to prove to the insurance company that sinkhole activity really does exist. In fact we have had the overwhelming majority of these denied claims overturned using only the original engineering report! The reality is activity was there all along but for whatever reason it was not called properly.
If your claim was denied please call us today to schedule a FREE in home inspection of your damages and most importantly conduct a thorough review of your geotechnical report with you. Please note because of recent law changes regarding sinkhole claims this is likely your last chance at protecting your most valuable asset.

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